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Maintenance for Your Driveway and Parking Lot Over the Summer

Updated: Mar 25

Limiting repairs and keeping your asphalt surface in top shape depend on parking lot care. Having a clean parking lot is crucial in the scorching summertime.

Some of the more significant parking lot maintenance appointments are listed here, to be made in advance of the summer season:

  • Driveway Removal and Replacement

  • Driveway Seal Coating

  • Crack Repair

  • Asphalt Repair & Maintenance

  • Driveway Addition

  • Pothole Patching

  • Tree Root Removal from Driveway and Sidewalk

  • Re-marking your parking area

Immediately following the seal coating procedure, parking lots need to be restriped. Having your parking lot's pavement restriped improves navigation and gives it a new look.

A contractor for asphalt will also guarantee that the design and all markings adhere to the most recent ADA guidelines.

Need maintenance for your parking lot over the summer?

Make a call to Maya Sealcoating, LLC now! 609-515-7313.

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