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Updated: May 31, 2023

We recommend keeping all vehicles off for 48 hours. Foot traffic is allowed once the sealer looks dry. We recommend staying off the driveway with vehicles for 48 hours during the summer months of May through August. After September 1st, allow 72 hours or more, depending on the temperature. Driveway sealer will dry like paint from the top down. It may feel dry on the surface but may still be wet underneath.

You can walk on the driveway as soon as it feels dry to the touch, usually just a few hours in sunny areas. Allow additional time for shady areas at all times.

What Happens if You Drive on Sealcoating Too Soon?

It’s essential to remember that a seal coating that looks or feels dry may not be ready for you to drive on it. Sealcoating dries from the top down, forming a hard “crust” over a gooey lower layer. If you go on your seal coating too soon, your tires will break through the dry crust and leave ruts, grooves, and tire marks in the soft seal coat below.

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